Order Instructions for Lab Personnel | Karius


Specimen Processing Instructions (download here)


1. Submit order

  • Complete the Karius® Test Requisition Form online by logging in with the credentials provided by Karius
  • Select Karius Test for the order
  • Complete a new form for each specimen

2. Separate plasma within 6 hours

  • Collect 5 mL of whole blood in a BD Vacutainer Plasma Preparation Tube
  • Spin the Plasma Preparation Tube containing the blood specimen at 1,100 RCF      for 10 minutes at room temperature
  • Post-spin the gel plug from the bottom of the tube should rise up separating cellular material from the plasma
  • Package the tube with separated plasma as is - do not open the tube or transfer the plasma into a separate tube
  • Ensure the tube is labeled with 2 patient identifiers

3. Package specimen

  • Use specimen packaging and transportation supplies provided by Karius. Contact Karius to request additional quantities: (866) 452-7487
  • Place the specimen tube in a Biohazard Specimen Bag with an absorbent pad
  • Package the specimen bag along with an Ambient Gel Wrap inside a Foil Bubble Pack Mailer
  • Place the mailer and the completed Karius Test Requisition Form, in a cardboard box or similar rigid container
  • Place the box in a FedEx UN 3373 Category B Pak

4. Ship package

  • Use Karius FedEx Account: Contact Customer Success at (866) 452 7487
    • Ship via FedEx First Overnight service (Saturday delivery accepted) to the following address:
      Karius Laboratory, Suite 101
      975 Island Drive
      Redwood City, CA 94065

Preferred specimen

  • 5mL whole blood collected in BD Vacutainer® PPT™ tube, centrifuged to separate plasma, and shipped to Karius at ambient temperature

Specimen stability

  • Whole blood collected in BD Vacutainer® PPT™ tube is stable at room temperature for up to 6 hours prior to centrifugation
  • Plasma specimen in the BD Vacutainer® PPT™ tube is stable at room temperature for up to 96 hours after draw
  • Specimen should be shipped at ambient temperature to arrive at Karius within 96 hours (4 days) from draw

Alternate specimen

  • Minimum of 0.7 mL* of plasma isolated from at least 2mL of venous whole blood collected in a K2-EDTA anticoagulant tube within 24 hours of draw
    *Plasma volumes as low as 0.35 mL will be accepted, but the possibility of a No Result report is increased
  • We do not recommend pooling blood draws
  • Plasma separated by centrifugation of the specimen at 1,600 RCF for 10 minutes at room temperature and transferred into a sterile polypropylene tube
  • Received at Karius within 96 hours of draw if shipped at ambient temperature
  • Received at Karius anytime after draw if shipped as a frozen sample on dry ice

Rejection criteria

  • Plasma separated from whole blood > 6 hours after draw
  • Plasma specimen received at Karius > 4 days after draw - unless received frozen
  • Specimen with incomplete or improper separation of plasma
  • Specimens collected in a tube beyond its expiration date
  • Specimen with fewer than 2 patient identifiers on the tube